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No confidence.

Something I lack…and don’t know how to boost it.

I feel like this is the wrong career path for me. Maybe I am not so great. Maybe I can’t teach properly. I can’t figure it out. I just want someone to tell me youre cut out for this job or I am not. 

All I know is that I am upset and I am not confident at all. 

There are times when I need you, but you are always with your boyfriend and put him first before anyone else. All I need to ask you is a simple few questions about thesis but you’re too concerned with seeing him that you didn’t return my call.  This is why I told myself I would NEVER get to this point


As I sit here writing this lesson plan, I am in shock as to how much I could of changed in this lesson.  I keep thinking of different ideas that I could have done and realize how much I have grown since I first began. It is something no one can understand but my thought process from September to now is so different.  Starting to sound like a teacher now. 

cute idea!

cute idea!

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why do you attack me and only me always?

i think the worst feeling of all is when you know someone is hurting and there is nothing you can do for them and you feel so helpless. 

just watched this last night #memories

just watched this last night #memories

why do I feel like everyone is annoyed at me…. =/

Christmas just isn’t the same

Traditions have slowly faded.

We barely talk to any family.

There is just no excitement for it anymore.

Our house isn’t decked out like it used to be and I feel like I lost the Christmas spirit. 

Retail stores have pushed Christmas so early into the year by the time it comes everyone is done and fed up with it. 

It just doesn’t feel like Christmas anymore. No surprises nothing. I guess it’s cause I am getting older. 

I am trying to get into the spirit but it is just not working..

Dreams come and go so fast…

I haven’t updated my tumblr in forever! 

A stupid silly little dream I have had since high school has now come and gone.

No one will understand how grateful and honored I am to have been given this opportunity.

I have learned so much throughout these 14 weeks and am so sad to see it end.

My students were absolutely amazing and have had such an impact on my life.  My teachers have helped me so much and made me grow so much more. 

Although there were ups and downs in this experience and at times I was disappointed with one of my experiences, I wouldn’t take it back for anything.

Thank you so much Fifth Avenue! I hope I have the opportunity to do part of my special ed placement here <3


ZodiacChic Post:Aries


ZodiacChic Post:Aries

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