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I am so hurt. I hate when people have the time to snapchat but can’t answer a single text message. 


i am done and i give up.

Why does this always happen to me?

I find great friends.

We have great memories for a while together and then all of a sudden things just..


I have been so emotional lately. I have no idea why. Some things just don’t feel the same. All I have ever wanted in my life was that one person who I knew for yearsssss to be my go to person. Im not saying I don’t have great friends now I do…but sometimes I wish there was that one person who was my best friend.  The one who I would be inseparable with.  The one person who I know I could go to for anything and knew I wasn’t annoying them or I would get judgement from them. If you are reading this…don’t take this to heart. But just think about who your person is.

I seriously thought that you would be my person…but now I don’t know what is going on. 

I am starting to think it is me.  But then again…maybe I am over thinking it and truly there is nothing wrong. Who knows. 

I need to go to Jamaica.

I need to get away for a little.

Clear my head.

Everything is different and changing all around me. I am trying to take it all in.

If I fail this test today….I dont know what I am going to do with myself.

No confidence.

Something I lack…and don’t know how to boost it.

I feel like this is the wrong career path for me. Maybe I am not so great. Maybe I can’t teach properly. I can’t figure it out. I just want someone to tell me youre cut out for this job or I am not. 

All I know is that I am upset and I am not confident at all. 

There are times when I need you, but you are always with your boyfriend and put him first before anyone else. All I need to ask you is a simple few questions about thesis but you’re too concerned with seeing him that you didn’t return my call.  This is why I told myself I would NEVER get to this point


As I sit here writing this lesson plan, I am in shock as to how much I could of changed in this lesson.  I keep thinking of different ideas that I could have done and realize how much I have grown since I first began. It is something no one can understand but my thought process from September to now is so different.  Starting to sound like a teacher now. 

cute idea!

cute idea!

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why do you attack me and only me always?

i think the worst feeling of all is when you know someone is hurting and there is nothing you can do for them and you feel so helpless. 

just watched this last night #memories

just watched this last night #memories

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